Crosspoint City World Engagement

Jesus tells us, as His followers, to "Go into all the world and to proclaim the Gospel to the whole of creation." Because of this call, Crosspoint City endeavors to take the gospel to the nations through short-term mission trips throughout the year. Below you will find information about the countries we visit and how we are engaged in gospel outreach and service.

Drink Coffee. Engage The Mission.
Drink Coffee. Engage The Mission.

One of the easiest ways for you to make a tangible impact with world engagement is by purchasing a coffee beverage from our on-site coffee bar. All of the proceeds from our coffee bar go to fund the drilling of fresh water wells in Burkina Faso. Come visit us before any of our gatherings!

Short-Term Mission Trips

Each year, we offer opportunities to go to the following countries for short-term missions. When trips are open for signups, links will be listed on this page under each country.

Crosspoint City Church partners with Engage West Africa and our missionary partners, The Griffin Family.
Guinea is a new host country since 2022. Our missionary partners, the Griffin family, moved there in 2021 and have been working hard to establish ministries through Engage Guinea. Guinea is a coastal nation in northwest Africa that is 86% Islamic providing numerous opportunities for long-term ministry investment through church planting, education, and humanitarian aid. To sign-up for a 2024 trip, visit these links:

April 2024 Trip

October 2024 Trip

Check out the link to learn more about our partners with Engage Guinea!

Crosspoint City partners with Food for the Hungry to invest in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Alegria, Bolivia.
Crosspoint City has been partnered with FH and the community of Alegria since 2015. We build subsistence farms for widows, engage in children’s programming, assist with vaccinations and deworming campaigns, invest in local pastors, and teach skills that will help these poor communities to become economically self-sufficient. To sign-up for our 2024 trip, visit this link:

June 2024 Trip

Check out the link to learn more about our partners with Food For The Hungry!


Crosspoint City partners with Access Scotland to reach the people of Scotland with the Gospel! Teams will partner with our missionary partners to engage in evangelism, Bible teaching, community outreach, serving alongside local churches, engaging in ministry with Take Hold Church and more! To sign-up for a 2024 trip, visit these links:

June 2024 Trip

August 2024 Trip

Check out the link to learn more about our partners with Access Scotland.

Crosspoint City partners with Hope of Life in Guatemala to reach people with the Gospel
In Guatemala, we partner with the organization Hope of Life who serves almost 4 million people a year in Guatemala through medical programs, investment in special needs seniors and children, orphan rescue programs, church planting, complete community economic transformation in villages, and much much more. To sign-up for our 2024 trip, visit this link:

June 2024 Trip

Check out the link to learn more about our partners with Hope of Life!

Crosspoint City Missionary Partners

Learn more about the families and organizations Crosspoint City partners with directly.

The Bowen Family

Kent & Paula Bowen are full time missionaries in South Africa. They are working in partnership with Hope Africa Collective. You can personally support The Bowen family financially and through prayer!

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The Griffin Family

The Griffin’s have been serving internationally as full time Missionaries since 2016. They have served 2 years in Burkina Faso and are now serving in Guinea, West Africa since January 2021 with Engage Guinea. You can personally support the Griffin’s financially and through prayer!

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The Tipton Family

The Tipton family are full time missionaries in West Africa. They are working in partnership with LIVE2540 & Sheltering Wings. You can personally support The Tipton family financially and through prayer!

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The Education Fellowship Initiative

EFI exists to provide current and aspiring pastors worldwide with training and education in biblical literacy and foundational theology. They hope that by doing this, they can give these pastors the same resources American pastors have for growth and continued personal and professional development. Through our church’s partnership with EFI, we will assist in planting many churches worldwide and provide consistent support to the people who lead them.

Matt Warren, the founder of EFI, served as a Missionary in Asia from 2013-2015 as well as Crosspoint City’s Engagement Pastor from 2015-2022.

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