About The Institute

The Institute is a learning environment that encourages spiritual growth through the teaching of scripture to provide a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and God's Word. Below is an overview of the types of classes and courses we offer:

- Core Classes teach the foundations of our faith.
- Biblical Studies teach the interpretation and understanding of scripture.
- Theological Studies engage and equip believers through in-depth exploration of church doctrine.
- Elective Courses are topical studies that will vary each semester.
- Summer Seminars now added for extended summer opportunities

Summer Seminars

June 10, 2024: BLESS Practices

5 Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor and Change the World (6:30 pm in Cartersville) $15 covers class, dinner, childcare

June 10, 2024: Kingdom Parenting

Practical Strategies to Give Your Child a Living Faith (7:40 pm in Cartersville)  $15 covers class, dinner, childcare

July 22, 2024: The Wisdom of God for Men and Women

Letting His Truth and Goodness Direct Your Steps. Men and women will have dedicated learning environments. (6:30 pm in Cartersville)  $15 covers class, dinner, childcare

July 22, 2024: The Meaning of Marriage

Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God. This is for people in all stages of life whether single, engaged, or married. (7:40pm in Cartersville)  $15 covers class, dinner, childcare

Class Expectations

At The Institute, our prayer is that God would not only teach you more about Him but also transform you from the inside out. As usual, we ask each student to arrive on time, be prepared and be present at ALL scheduled classes. Some of the best learning comes from conversations had by students in the classroom. In addition, you might have reading assignments that will need to be completed at home.

The Summer Seminars will be offered on two different dates, June 10th and July 22nd. The $15 cost per class covers dinner, childcare, and class materials. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at