“Your All To Him” | All To Him | Crosspoint City Church
James Griffin   -  

All To Him is a two-year discipleship journey focused on what it means to give our all to the one who gave His all for us. https://www.alltohim.crosspointcity.com/ This two-year journey is meant to propel you toward a life of greater surrender, and it’s through surrender that you’ll know a life of greater significance. Our prayer is that you would pursue God passionately to discover what he’s calling you to in this next season, and that you would boldly take the steps of faith he asks you to take. Crosspoint City is one church in multiple locations and we exist to relentlessly pursue those far from God to help them know and follow Jesus. To help support this mission and work, visit https://mycpcc.com/give STAY CONNECTED: Facebook: https://mycpcc.com/facebook Instagram: https://mycpcc.com/instagram Tiktok: https://mycpcc.com/tiktok

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