David | Pastor Brad Chandler | Crosspoint City Church
Brad Chandler   -  

Covenants and the Christ is our four-week summer series exploring the covenant promises God made with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. Each week we will briefly examine one of these larger-than-life characters, identify the covenant promise God made with each one, and point out the significant impact they have on God’s people. Ultimately, we will show how each covenant is a part of God’s redemptive plan fulfilled in and through Jesus Christ. Crosspoint City is one church in multiple locations and we exist to relentlessly pursue those far from God to help them know and follow Jesus. To help support this mission and work, visit https://mycpcc.com/give STAY CONNECTED: Facebook: https://mycpcc.com/facebook Instagram: https://mycpcc.com/instagram Tiktok: https://mycpcc.com/tiktok

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